As a group, the youth at Painter Creek Church of Christ developed their Purpose Statement, which is as follows:

To achieve a greater closeness with God, through our service, works and our peer ministry, so that we may show our faith, through continued accountability, as we meet each day as a challenge to live in God’s way, whether it be through worship, recreation or education.

To any Junior High or Senior High youth we offer:

  • Service Opportunities – We strongly believe in the importance of being a servant like Jesus.  Therefore, we have service projects we are involved in throughout the year.
  • Social Activities – We also believe that part of growing to be like Christ includes spending time with each other to encourage and to get to know and love one another.  Therefore, we schedule various events throughout the calendar year to promote closeness and unity.
  • Discipleship Times – We also believe that the most important aspect of growing to be like Christ is understanding the Bible and applying it to our everyday lives.  Therefore, we have youth group meetings every Sunday evening.  We also have Sunday School classes, as well as summer camp.

“EPIC” – Everything is Possible In Christ

Youth Group meets every Sunday evening between
5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.