Bible School – 9:30am
Morning Worship – 10:30am
Evening Worship – 6:00pm
Youth – 5:00pm

Bible Study – 10:00am and 7:00pm

Church of Possibilities

“Where Everybody is Somebody”


About PCCC


It won’t take you long to discover that this is truly a family, rich in the relationships that matter most. Growing together, we worship, we serve, we laugh, we cry, we learn and we reach out to our world with life transforming truth.  We reach out to you as well. Our doors are open. Our hearts are open too. If you’ve been thinking, praying, searching and hoping for a place to belong, we say again…. Welcome!


We Believe

To know Christ is to enter with awe into a world in which God is in charge, with the winds and waves, and senses, and powers below, and the principalities and authorities above, all subject to His command. To a twenty-first-century reader, hardened by his worship of technology and proud of his sophisticated skepticism; Christ’s world might seem to be a land of make-believe, filled with strange and wondrous happenings too incredible to accept.

To a believer in God, however, the Gospel documents speak of the real world. There God hears and He answers prayers. There every human petitioner receives love from the Father of all. In God’s world all the possibilities of the universe lie at the disposal of the believer who will but ask without doubting.

To enter God’s wonderful world is to realize that His world is now and here. Those who believe in God are baptized for the remission of sin, can live by faith in His power a faith that is more than a feeling in the soul. It is an entrance into God’s real world, where more is possible than our gadget glutted world can dream of.

His world then becomes inescapably a study of faith, not of faith as an object of research, but of our faith, my faith and yours. It is a personal adventure, one which will not allow us to remain academic or aloof. We shall find our whole selves involved, responding to Christ’s invitation to walk in faith that leads to devotion, which leads to service. We cannot call Him Lord, Lord and fail to server Him. Faith is a service of trust. It is adventuring forward in activities that praise Him and serves His purposes. It is our experiment with the impossible. Through His Spirit God continues to reveal Himself to His people and to work His purposes in ways that baffle the skeptic.

At the Painter Creek Church of Christ you will learn of God’s power, and of your own possibilities. The Church of Christ is not a denomination, Jesus Christ is the head of the Church and all authority is grounded in Him. Our congregation is independent and self-governing and that freedom is vital to the universal nature of the Church. Our congregation is presided over by elders and deacons, elected to serve the Lord and this congregation. These offices were established by the early Church to ensure the vitality of the congregation (Acts 6:1-7; Titus 1:5-9; Timothy 3). The officers are selected from among the members in a democratic manner and thereby called to fulfill the offices outlined in the New Testament. The minister is regarded as a teacher, evangelist, and hold no official authority exceeding other members of the congregation.

Our purpose is to present New Testament truths clearly as we can perceive and describe it. It is our understanding of Bible truth. Yours may be better. But, we cannot disagree with the Scriptures.

May you open yourself with the Painter Creek  Church of Christ, to be used by the God with whom NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! (Philippians 4:13)


Worship Style

The Painter Creek Church of Christ is part of a movement, which has become known as the Restoration Movement, seeking to restore the Church of the New Testament in principle and practice. Calling for unity in all essentials, and “speaking only where the scriptures speak.”

We serve communion during each service on the Lord’s Day. Eating bread and drinking juice is the way Jesus Christ asked us top remember the sacrifice He made for us on the Cross.

We take an offering each Lord’s Day. As members and believers in Christ, we give as a way to worship and honor God for all He has done for us.

We have a great appreciation for the traditional hymns that so many of our members grew up with. Their beauty and rich theology are foundations that we want to pas down to future generations.

In addition, we incorporate the piano and guitar; Choir presentations; Cantatas & Seasonal programs; Drama & Skits along with special music solos.


Wednesday Bible Study

Wednesday Morning (10 a.m.) & Evening (7 p.m.) Bible Studies

Here at Painter Creek Church of Christ we believe that people are in need of a growing relationship with God and other people. Our Wednesday services are designed to give you the opportunity to pursue both.

As individuals grow in their understanding an application of the Bible, our church will grow in its strength and effectiveness. As our relationships deepen, our church will grow in its love and compassion. As you grow, so grows our church.

We encourage and invite everyone to come and get involved. It’s a time of prayer, a time of study, a time of friendships and great way to spend quality time together.